Brno: One of the top rated student cities

The second-largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno (pronounced Bir-no) is the historical capital and cultural hub of the Margraviate of Moravia, and climbs 14 places in this year’s Best Student Cities index. Brno is relatively undiscovered by tourists, but will certainly charm you with its medieval fortresses and castles, full of mysteries and providing material for numerous local legends.

Brno has a vibrant cultural life, with various museums, theatres and galleries located in the city, as well as the Brno Exhibition Centre – one of the largest exhibition centres in the world.  Although now very much a modern city, it has also preserved many of its traditions, folklore, folk music, festivals and the traditional Moravian costumes.

Brno is also an important centre of higher education, with 13 universities located in the city and about 52,200 students. Some of the highest-ranked Czech universities are in Brno, including Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology, both of which feature in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017 and the EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) rankings. Brno receives a strong score in the Student Mix category of the Best Student Cities index, with a large student community and a high percentage of international students. It also receives a high score for Affordability, with reasonably low tuition fees and living costs.

Brno receives a very impressive score in the new Student View category (in the top five, only a few places lower than Prague), reflecting the enjoyable student experience on offer. When asked to name the best things about Brno, one survey respondent identified its “Unique atmosphere, beauty, affordability, nice people, and culture.”

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