Admission requirements

Applicants who wish to pursue a degree at the CEITEC PhD programme must hold the equivalent of a Czech Master's degree (Ing., Mgr.) from an institution of recognized standing. Applicants from institutions outside of the Czech republic must hold the equivalent of  Czech master’s degree (e.g. MSc.) from institutions of recognized standing (four or five year undergraduate degree). Only the master study programme graduates from the same or similar study programmes can apply for this study programme.

This section provides basic information about the procedures required for recognition of foreign education, which is necessary to become the student in the Czech republic in case the applicant’s degree has been awarded in the country outside of the European Union. You will find here basic steps to be taken in order to successfully pass the recognition process.

Request for recognition of education abroad:

The graduate of Bachelor’s, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree programme at the foreign university submits a written application for recognition diploma directly to the University, not to faculties or university institutes. The address for submission is:

Brno University of Technology - Rectorate
Study Department
Antoninska 548/1
601 90  Brno
Czech Republic

Contact person for recognition and similar issues is:
Mrs. Michaela Fojtová, Head of Student Affair Office, Rectors Office


Phone: +420 541 145 243

The written application must include:

  • First and Family name of the graduate at the foreign university
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Permanent Address
  • Postal Address
  • Name and address of the foreign university
  • Name of the programme and field of study
  • Date of beginning and closure of studies
  • Date of the submission and the signature of the graduate of the foreign university (in case the application is submitted by the graduate’s representative, one needs to submit it with the approved power of attorney),
  • Purpose of the recognition the applicant demands

Required enclosures of the application (point D.4 - application form) are:

  • Original or approved copy of the university diploma, examination certificate or similar proof of the completion of studies issued by a foreign university
  • Original or approved copy of the diploma supplement, possibly an original or approved copy of the transcript of records
  • Official translations of both proofs into Czech language (in case the proofs are written in English, translations will not be required)
  • Written power of attorney in case other person than the graduate himself is applying
  • Decision of the recognition of the state of a refugee in case the applicant is a person whom this state was recognized
  • Confirmation of payment 3000,-CZK

Verification of the authenticity of the signature and stamps on the original document

Diplomas and certificates of the closure of studies, issued in remaining countries, must be verified in accord with Section 90, Act No. 111/1998 Series on Higher Education Institutions. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the relevant country where the foreign university has its seat or relevant foreign authority and relevant representative authority of the Czech Republic in a country where the foreign university has its seat must verify authenticity of signatures and stamps on the original documents.

Verification procedure can be divided, according to the existing international treaties and regulation. For detailed information concerning your diploma, please, contact the responsible person at the BUT Rectors office – Student Affairs Office, Mrs. Michaela Fojtová, , phone: +420 541 145 243.

For detailed information regarding the recognition of foreign education, please visit following website - Recognition of foreign education.