Financing of graduate study

Students enrolled in an on-site degree programme are awarded the two following scholarships: the regular scholarship 10,250 CZK/month and the exceptional scholarship 6,500 CZK/month for excellent results. Extra mobility allowance 2,000 CZK/monthly is awarded to foreign students in order to cover the part of the costs connected with studies. The scholarship is paid in Czech crowns to a bank account opened with a Czech bank.

Total amount is 18,750 CZK (approx. 740 EUR net).  

For degree programmes taught in a foreign language, tuition fees are charged pursuant to the University Act, Section 58, Paragraph 5 and BUT Statutes, Section 14, Paragraph 7. The actual amounts of such fees are laid down by the decisions of faculty deans or university institute directors. For degree-programmes taught in the Czech language, no fees are charged. The fee for a PhD-programme taught in the English language is 3,000 EUR for an academic year.

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