Living costs

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is much lower than in the old EU member states. For basic expenses such as food, accommodation and transportation, students will need cca 300 EUR per month.

Prices of some foods and goods (approximate) in Czech crowns (EUR):

  • A loaf of bread: 25–30 CZK(1–1,2€)
  • Milk (1l): 15 CZK (0,5€)
  • Yogurt: 13 CZK (0,5€)
  • Beer (0.5l): 25–30 CZK (1–1,2€)
  • McDonald's menu: 100 CZK (3,5€)
  • Lunch in VUT cafeteria, incl. drink: 70 CZK (2,5€)
  • Cinema ticket: 80-150 CZK (2,5-5€)
  • One way ticket – public transport: 24 CZK (1€)
  • Monthly ticket (student) – public transport: 275 CZK (11€)


Brno is situated in Central Europe, with good and frequent connections of all kinds to all the surrounding countries and major cities, so it is a relatively easy city to reach. 

The main north-south railway line in Central Europe passes through Brno, which means that it is easily accessible by train from most points on the Continent. The journey from Prague by fast train takes three and half hours; EC trains shorten the journey to only 2 hours 45 minutes. Vienna is closer than Prague, only 1 hour 40 minutes away.