Submit E-Application

The application itself is submitted via the electronic application. At the e-application webpage, you should submit a new e-application. If you are an alumni or student at the BUT, you can use your BUT pin to create a new e-application. If you are not a student or alumni of BUT, you shall register as a candidate using your e-mail and password. After creating the new account you should fill in additional information such as:

  • personal details (e.g. name, surname, ID/passport number, date of birth, contact information)
  • permanent residence (country of residence, permanent address)
  • delivery address (if not the same as the previous one)
  • previous study (high school details, university studies)
  • theme of study (select the professor, dissertation thesis topic)
  • payment method (only the payment for the application itself - related to administration fee 700 CZK/28€)

Check the information you filled in the application once again, confirm (or change) your details and submit the application. You will obtain the confirmation e-mail. Read all the information and save the email for future communication.